Forever Living, a multi-billion dollar corporation that develops and sells top grade wellness, beauty, and aloe vera products, was founded in 1978 on little more than dreams and hard work. ‘Anything less than the best would never do’ at Forever Living, and this positive attitude is evident in every aspect of the direct selling operation, from the plant to the product.

Rex Maughan established Forever Living in 1978. His inspiration came from a desire for better health, high-quality products, and financial independence, all of which are still present in this network marketing organisation today. His one-of-a-kind aloe vera business is dedicated to assisting others. Bringing attention to the benefits of aloe vera products and making it easier for consumers to take advantage of them.

Forever Living Products has dedicated itself to discovering and sharing nature’s best sources of health and beauty with the rest of the world. We are driven by a desire to make others look and feel better, as well as a sense of accomplishment that comes from doing things a bit differently. We have our own aloe fields, production facilities, research and development labs, quality control labs, and distribution routes. Everything from the plant to the finished product is delivered to you.

Forever’s aloe vera products have helped millions of individuals in over 160 nations look and feel better. Discover where Forever’s international business has expanded over the last 40 years using the map below.